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Beholding the Christmas Miracle All Year Long
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No matter how severe the outer world is--darkness, barrenness, rejection--it cannot snuff out the light, wither the greenness, or destroy the love. Although we do not always reflect on it, there is an edge to Christmas, an in-your-face attitude.... Gentle defiance is not on the standard list of Christian virtues, but it is the Christmas gift that we all need to unwrap during one December or another.

John Shea delves into Christmas images, stories, customs, and ideas to help us get at the freewheeling nature of God.

Chapter titles:

  • Forward: Have a Defiant Christmas!
  • Preface: Starlight
  • Chapter 1: The Soul and the Season
  • Chapter 2: Strange Stories, Spiritual Sight and Blurred Guides
  • Chapter 3: Waking Up on Christmas Morning
  • Chapter 4: Giving Birth to Christ
  • Chapter 5: The Magi Ride Again
  • Chapter 6: The Close and Holy Darkness
  • Chapter 7: The Man Who Was a Lamp
  • Afterward: Have a Defiant Life!

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Format: BOX OF 32 BOOKS
Product code: AP115B
Length: 276 pages
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A wonderful book, which like the Christmas season itself stirs the cold embers of the heart into fire.
Spiritual Book News
Filled with insight, wit, imagery and warmth, this story about the Christmas story will keep the light burning in the darkness all year long.
Andrew M. Greeley
For those seeking a deeper meaning of Christmas than may be found in shopping malls, or for anyone at a point of despair, this is a rewarding book.
American Library Association
John Shea is among the most gifted storytellers. Starlight might be tomorrow's classic today...
National Catholic Reporter