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Seasons of Celebration Meditations on the Cycle of Liturgical Feasts 

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Meditations on the Cycle of Liturgical Feasts
Seasons of Celebration
$14.36 - $16.16

Fifty years after his death, fans of Thomas Merton—from a wide array of faith traditions—continue to consult the spiritual wisdom found in his voluminous writings. Merton called Seasons of Celebration his "liturgy book" and this edition includes a new foreword by renowned Merton scholar William H. Shannon. These essays remain timely in view of the ongoing liturgical renewal initiated by Vatican II and are a must-read for those seeking to deepen their grasp of the liturgy and the cycles of the Church year.

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Format: Paperback book
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Length: 224 pages
Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 978-1-59471-170-1
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Written by Thomas Merton


Thomas Merton attained fame for his writings on spirituality. To any who might wonder what he could contribute to the subject of liturgy, I can only recommend that they give this marvelous collection a chance. He has accomplished what we continue to struggle to do: reunite liturgy and spirituality, and make liturgy the fountain of life. He presents the best of the liturgical movement with a clarity and freshness that has lost none of its relevance since the time these articles were written. Each article stands fixed in the great tradition, while it simultaneously breathes the aggiornamento that the Second Vatican Council wished for the Church.
David Fagerberg, Associate Professor of Theology
Liturgical Studies,
University of Notre Dame
Merton’s writings are as important today as when they were originally published. Merton is concerned with showing how the liturgy breaks down dichotomies between temporal and spiritual worlds. In doing so, Merton makes clear that liturgical renewal is not something that can be imposed or legislated. Real liturgical renewal belongs to all members of the Church. It is the participation of every part of our lives in God’s one cosmic liturgy. The more Merton’s prose is formed by monastic life, the more it engages with the world beyond the monastery, combining the most realistic view of the world’s ills with the greatest hope for redemption in the unfathomable depths of God’s love.
William T. Cavanaugh, Professor of Theology
University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN
A rich and remarkably relevant collection! Merton challenges Christians to be and become a community of worship, a community of pardon, a community called to ongoing reform and renewal in liturgy and life. For Merton, celebrating the seasons of the liturgical year is an invitation to enter ever more deeply into the mystery of life in Christ.
Christine M. Bochen, Editor of Thomas Merton: Essential Writings