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Restored Stories of Encounter

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Stories of Encounter
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Introducing a new life-changing docuseries

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RESTORED: Stories of Encounter is a multi-film project in which we explore the profound beauty of ordinary people pursuing holiness in their everyday lives. Each episode focuses on someone who has encountered Christ and dedicated his or her life to giving others the chance to do the same. The six-episode documentary series features individuals who had radical encounters with Christ and went on to make a real difference in the world. This series provides vivid and deeply human role models for all who desire life in Christ.

Every subject of this series is a moving example of Christ's perfect love for the poor, the lost, and the weak. They can inspire anyone who wants to do something good to take the leap. All our subjects did was let their great love move them to action.

Human Stories of Divine Love

The idea of witness is very important to us as Catholics. Our faith is strengthened and moved to action by the great “cloud of witnesses” around us. Simply put, we learn by example.

This new documentary series features six incredible witnesses from people who have profoundly encountered Christ and are now living like Him—people who make this world more closely resemble the next.

Episode list:

  1. Connie McEldowney: Rustic Hope - A unique pro-life effort in Russia, Ohio that puts the most importance on caring for young mothers and their children.

  2. Deacon Pablo Perez: Kolbe House - This Chicago prison minister brings hope and healing to those behind bars—and who better for the job than someone raised on those same streets?

  3. Fr. Bob Lombardo: Mission of Our Lady of the Angels - Though it was devastated in a now-infamous fire fifty years ago, Our Lady of the Angels church has become a beacon of hope for the poor thanks to the work of one passionate man: Fr. Bob Lombardo.

  4. Alan Graham: Community First Village - This beautiful village in Austin, Texas has given countless homeless a place to call home. Alan’s work emphasizes loving and responsible rehabilitation for the chronically homeless by giving them a supportive and lively community to grow and thrive in.

  5. Sharon Mason: Equine Dreams - Sharon discovered equine therapy because of her deep desire to help her son cope with his rare neurogenic disorder. Today, her 13-acre equine therapy center provides a beautiful place for people to find healing and discover beauty and purpose in life.

  6. Jordan & Jesse Schiele: Jerusalem Farm - The members of this Catholic community strive to serve the Lord by living intentionally, fasting from unnecessary luxuries, and helping build and rebuild homes in their low-income neighborhood. They seek to live simply and charitably in a world driven by consumerism.

This moving series works wonderfully for a classroom setting, a family movie night, or a small group at your parish. Each episode in this series is approximately 25 minutes long.

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