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Real Life Faith Bible Companions for Catholic Teens

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Bible Companions for Catholic Teens
Real Life Faith

What do the people in the Bible have to do with my life? Why should I care about who they were or what they did?

As children of God and followers of Christ, the men and women of the Bible are part of our spiritual heritage. Biblical figures, often young themselves, have much to teach us. They can serve as role models and help us identify and develop qualities that lead to a closer relationship with God and better relationships with those around us.

In this book, you will meet several companions, as well as modern-day teens, who exhibit ways to make those virtues and traits real and put them into practice. Whether read as a personal guide or educational resource, these “real-life” stories are sure to inspire.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: LG823961
Dimensions: 5½" x 8½"
Length: 160 pages
Liguori Publications
ISBN: 9780764823961
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Written by Mary Elizabeth Sperry


Mary Elizabeth Sperry holds a master’s degree in liturgical studies from The Catholic University of America. She has worked for the USCCB in the Secretariat for the Liturgy, USCCB Publishing, and the Department of Communications. She is the author of Real Life Faith: Bible Companion for Catholic Teens, (Liguori, 2014); and Bible Top Tens and Ten: How the Commandments Can Change Your Life (both 2012). She has published a number of articles with faith-based publications including Liguorian magazine, and has appeared on numerous high-profile radio programs on National Public Radio, CBS Radio, NBC News, the Drew Mariani Show, The Catholics Next Door, and Seize the Day.