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Prepare Ye - Leader Guide A 4-Session Bible Study for Advent

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Prepare Ye - Leader Guide
A 4-Session Bible Study for Advent

Large-format Leader’s Guide includes answers, study notes and session directions. For use with the Prepare Ye - Advent Bible Study: Participant Guide.

Lead bible study with ease. Our leader’s guide provides everything you need.Prepare ye the way of the Lord through the pages of this 4-session Bible study for Advent by Carol Geisler. Ponder, pray, praise and proclaim each week as we prepare for the birth of Jesus. Study and discussion questions, prayers and reflections help students ready themselves for the Christ Child. A scripture-based resource for groups looking to explore and reflect upon the Prepare Ye theme.

Format: Booklet
Product code: CC_PPLG
Dimensions: 5.375" x 8.375"
Length: 32 pages
Creative Communications for the Parish
Written by Carol Geisler