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Our Catholic Life books The Human Journey of Faith / Creed (Book 1)

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Our Catholic Life books
The Human Journey of Faith / Creed (Book 1)
$3.95 - $6.95

The Our Catholic Life series is a reading and study guide for adult faith formation.  This engaging summary of the main themes of the Catechism helps adults understand their faith through the lens of modern life and their own experiences. The seven books break open the Catechism’s main themes—the Mystery of God, Christology, Christian Anthropology, Ecclesiology, Sacraments, Morality, and Liturgy and Prayer. Each includes a group sessions guide.

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The Catechism begins not with a discourse on God, but with a consideration of the human heart. In our hearts we find the longing that leads to faith and we find that being with God is the only way to happiness.

Main themes:

  • The Inborn Hunger for God
  • The Response to Revelation is Faith
  • Made in God’s Image
  • The Human Inclination to Sin
  • Mercy, Grace, and Sin
  • The Dignity of the Human Person
  • The Communion of Saints and the End of Life

Written and developed by Bill Huebsch, author, theologian and writer of works in-plain-English. With a degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Theological Studies from the Catholic Theological Union of Chicago, Bill has served as a DRE, diocesan administrator and faculty member.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: TT851732
Dimensions: 8½" x 5½"
Length: 76 pages
Twenty-Third Publications
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Written by Bill Huebsch