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Kathleen Chesto on the Sacraments Set of all 7

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Set of all 7
Kathleen Chesto on the Sacraments


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Author & (dynamic!) Presenter: Kathleen Chesto

7 DVDs each in separate case -- each with running time of 35--55 minutes

Use these DVDs to help you and your teachers and catechists teach about the history, meaning, and practice of the Seven Sacraments. With charm, wit and an engaging style, Dr Kathleen Chesto presents a marvelous introduction and background.

Perfect for RCIA, Youth Ministry, Confirmation, Parent meetings, Baptism Prep, Marriage Prep, and many other purposes. This set should be in every parish library.

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Format: DVD
Product code: TT95SACR
Twenty-Third Publications
Written by Kathleen Chesto