My First Holy Communion Sunday Mass and Daily Prayers

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Sunday Mass and Daily Prayers
My First Holy Communion
by Melissa Musick Nussbaum

Hardcover -- 64 pages -- Revised Edition

This is the perfect book to prepare children for their First Holy Communion or as a gift in celebration. Children can carry the book to Sunday Mass and use it over and over at home to learn about the Mass and learn by heart the prayers and acclamations of the Mass.

This book is an invitation to learn and to love the words that we all say and sing at Mass. It is an invitation to receive Holy Communion, the first and every time, as the sacred banquet of those who have listened to God’s Word, prayed together, and given God thanks over the gifts of bread and wine.

This revised edition has been updated with the texts of the third typical edition of The Roman Missal, so that children may become comfortable with the prayers early in their development.

In a separate section, My First Holy Communion: Sunday Mass and Daily Prayers, Revised Edition also contains the daily and Sunday prayers that a child can learn by heart with help from a parent or another adult. This book is ideal for holiday gift-giving and is the uniquely wonderful First Communion gift you have always wanted to give to the special children in your life.

Format: Hardcover book
Product code: AP7070
Dimensions: 5.9" x 6.8"
Length: 64 pages
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 978-1-61671-041-5