Midwives of an Unnamed Future Spirituality for Women in Times of Unprecedented Change

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Spirituality for Women in Times of Unprecedented Change
Midwives of an Unnamed Future

Written by Mary Ruth Broz, RSM, Barbara Flynn, Jean Clough

Hardcover book -- 240 pages -- ACTA Publications -- January 2006

Midwives of an Unnamed Future is a book for women who are passionate about exploring their role in shaping the "unnamed future." Using the image of the midwife, spiritual directors Mary Ruth Broz and Barbara Flynn have developed a series of reflections and rituals that can be used by individuals or groups of women coming together to deepen their own spirituality and uncover new life in age-old spiritual truths. Black-and-white photographs by noted photographer Jean Clough help capture the mystery and spirit of that quest.

Although they come out of the Catholic/Christian tradition themselves, the authors promote openness to the insights and practices of many different spiritual traditions, including the labyrinth and the Cosmic Walk. They look to such traditional feminine activities as baking bread, spinning cloth, and quilting for spiritual enlightenment; and the they connect spirituality with wellness, pilgrimage, aging, and reverence for the Earth.

Divided into five major section, the sixteen chapters in Midwives of an Unnamed Future operate as mini-retreats into sacred space to explore different aspects of women's spirituality. Each chapter includes suggestions for creating an environment helpful to contemplation, a reflection on the particular theme, questions to connect the topic with lived experience, and closing readings or songs to conclude a session and bring readers back into daily life. At the end of each chapter are ways of using the material in a group setting.

MARY RUTH BROZ is a Sister of Mercy from the Regional Community of Chicago. She is a co-founder of Wellstreams, a Center of Feminine Spirituality, and brings to her writing an extensive background as a spiritual director and facilitator of workshops and retreats.

Format: Hardcover book
Product code: AP299
Dimensions: 8.56" x 8.6"
Length: 240 pages
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 978-0-87946-293-2
Written by Mary Ruth Broz, RSM, Barbara Flynn, and Jean Clough