[Herald Press Meditations Series] Meditations for New Parents: New Edition

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New Edition
[Herald Press Meditations Series] Meditations for New Parents: New Edition

This collection of prayerful meditations, inspiring quotes, and guiding scriptures helps new parents explore what happens when unsuspecting adults have their first baby—a child who proceeds to revolutionize their total outlook on the world. Authors Gerald and Sara Wenger Shenk look at how children draw security from their parents, how love is passed from generation to generation, and how God is part of this sacred work. Intended for both parents, Meditations for New Parents portrays how God is an ever watchful and loving parent, giving new mothers and fathers the confidence and strength to carry on.

This series will appeal especially to traditional parents with a strong faith background who endeavor to raise their families in positive ways.


FIRST DAY, The Fruit of Our Love

SECOND DAY, Intimate Stranger

THIRD DAY, Womb-Love

FOURTH DAY, Bringing Forth Life

FIFTH DAY, Turning Our Hearts Toward Children

SIXTH DAY, Why Would Anyone Dare?


EIGHTH DAY, Is Anyone Trustworthy?

NINTH DAY, Parents Are Human Too

TENTH DAY, We Love Because We Are Loved


ELEVENTH DAY, Like a Living Sacrifice

TWELFTH DAY, A New Spiritual Discipline

THIRTEENTH DAY, The Fruit of the Spirit

FOURTEENTH DAY, Mom and Dad Were Human Too

FIFTEENTH DAY, Slow Down and Simplify

SIXTEENTH DAY, A Sacred Interlude

SEVENTEENTH DAY, Cycles of Eternity

EIGHTEENTH DAY, It's a Lot More Fun to Share

NINETEENTH DAY, Parenthood Solidarity

TWENTIETH DAY, Out of the Mouths of Babes


TWENTY-FIRST DAY, Birth--A Hopeful Sign of the Times

TWENTY-SECOND DAY, Nothing Can Separate Us

TWENTY-THIRD DAY, Every, Every Minute

TWENTY-FOURTH DAY, Loud Lamentation in the Land

TWENTY-FIFTH DAY, Cosmic Consequences

TWENTY-SIXTH DAY, Godly Maintenance


TWENTY-EIGHTH DAY, Our Story and God's Story

TWENTY-NINTH DAY, Imitators of Christ

THIRTIETH DAY, Where Joy and Pain Converge


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Format: Paperback book
Product code: MM9038
Dimensions: 5" x 8"
Length: 140 pages
MennoMedia / Herald Press
ISBN: 978-0-8361-9038-0
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Written by Gerald Shenk and Sara Wenger Shenk


Parenthood is an experience like none other, radically reorienting your priorities and rhythms. The authors reassure parents they are not alone on this daunting journey.
Hannah Heinzekehr, blogger, director of communications, Mennonite Church USA
This classic Meditations series has already spoken to millions of readers, helping parents prayerfully welcome children into their lives.
Kevin Leman, author of Have a Happy Family by Friday