Love Never Fails Spiritual Reflections for Dads of All Ages

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Spiritual Reflections for Dads of All Ages
Love Never Fails

Some days, Dad, you just can't get ahead. You're arguing with your moody teenager, misinterpreting your young child's drawing, or getting yet another gray hair from one of your kid's crazy antics.But there are also the days like the first time you held your baby daughter, or watched your son cradle in his arms his own first child, or admired a work of beauty in a museum with your daughter.Fatherhood is full of ups and downs, and in Love Never Fails author Patrick T. Reardon celebrates both the joys and the sorrows of parenting. In the end, he shows that fatherhood can require a lot of work, but a father's love never fails.Each of the ninety insightful reflections in this book are accompanied by an inspirational quote from Scripture, contemporary music, or literature, and a link to a website with practical advice on the issues discussed in the reflection. Topics vary from parenting lessons Reardon learned from his own father, to a horrible fight with a son, to nursing a sick daughter, to the pride felt in watching his children grow and mature. Reardon reveals that fatherhood, while not a perfect science, is ultimately more satisfying than any other venture in his life.Dads of all ages and situations can find themselves in this book that celebrates the simple triumphs and acknowledges the occasional hurdles of fatherhood. In the end, Reardon shows that a father’s love never fails.

PATRICK T. REARDON is a veteran Chicago Tribune reporter. He is the author of Daily Meditations (with Scripture) for Busy Dads and Starting Out: Reflections for Young People. He and his wife Cathy Shiel-Reardon have two adult children, David and Sarah.

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