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Lent-stagram 2021 Calendar For Teens & Young Adults - Pack of 25

$3.13 - $6.25
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Lent-stagram 2021 Calendar
For Teens & Young Adults - Pack of 25
$3.13 - $6.25

Offer teens and young adults spiritual reflections geared especially to them.

Through Bible verses, brief spiritual reflections and simple calls to action, this informative (and photo-filled) calendar helps young adults express their faith in beautiful, sharable ways. The teen calendar matches the Lent-stagram teen devotional book. Dated material not returnable.

This enriching Lenten calendar provides a cost-effective resource to hand out at your church or school. Copier and printer-friendly paper makes it easy for you to use the blank space on back to customize reminders, including important dates and times for special services and events, collection drives or volunteer opportunities.

Format: Paper
Product code: CC_APBS
Dimensions: 11" x 17"
Creative Communications for the Parish
1 packs 6.25 each
(25¢ per calendar)
2-5 packs 4.69 each
(19¢ per calendar)
6-9 packs 4.38 each
(18¢ per calendar)
10-19 packs 3.75 each
(15¢ per calendar)
20+ packs 3.13 each
(13¢ per calendar)