Leadership for Catholic Youth Ministry

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Leadership for Catholic Youth Ministry

Authors: Tom East, and others...

Here's where you'll find the vision, theological foundations, and pastoral practice of Catholic youth ministry.

Here's where you'll find a practical implementation of Renewing the Vision--A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry.

And, here's where you'll find the most current research and experience of parishes that are implementing Renewing the Vision!

You'll learn here too what empowers young disciples, promotes active participation in the faith community, and provides for personal and spiritual growth for our youth.

This invaluable and comprehensive resource offers parish leaders all the information they need to be successful in supporting youth ministry. It will be invaluable for coordinators, core team members, and program leaders, as well as pastors, pastoral associates, and pastoral council members. Finally, this is an excellent foundational text for people who are studying youth ministry as part of a certificate program or university course.

Leadership for Catholic Youth Ministry is a team project developed by the core staff and key adjunct staff of the Center for Ministry Development after three decades of training, research, and developing resources in Catholic youth ministry.

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