Just Because: Prayer Poems to Delight the Heart

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Prayer Poems to Delight the Heart
Just Because: Prayer Poems to Delight the Heart

Author: Sr Melannie Svoboda SND

5.5 X 8.5" -- 128 pages

Reading this book is a uniquely beautiful experience that affirms Melannie’s deep attention, not only to life, but to God’s place within it. She invites readers to see everything as if for the first time: a rose, a grain of sand, a baby’s laugh, a particular hurt, an interior joy or dread. Her prayer poems have the uncanny ability to put readers in the presence of the universal and eternal, thus connecting them with God, others, with nature, and the entire world. This is the perfect resource for personal prayer and reflection and a great gift book for all those you love.

A Lovely Endorsement

I have long believed that each of us houses a poet. Melanie Svoboda has gifted us with an excellent guide to the poet within. I absolutely love this little book just because it is so dear. If you read it (or better yet, pray it) I’m almost certain it will become dear to you.

--- from Macrina Wiederkehr, author of Seven Sacred Pauses and A Tree Full of Angels.

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Product code: TT957743
Length: 128 pages
Twenty-Third Publications
Written by Sr. Melannie Svoboda, SND