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Is There Room for Me? A Catholic Guide and Response to Immigration

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A Catholic Guide and Response to Immigration
Is There Room for Me?
79¢ - $1.95

“Merciful God and Father of all, wake us from the slumber of indifference, open our eyes…and free us from the insensitivity born of worldly comfort and self-centeredness. Inspire us, as nations, communities, and individuals, to see that those who come to our shores are our brothers and sisters...”

—Pope Francis
an excerpt from “Merciful God: A Prayer for Us All” from Is There Room For Me?

Immigration is changing the face of Catholic parishes, leading to many challenges, blessings, and tensions. How do we build one parish out of many languages and cultures? How do we welcome others in a way that helps all of us feel that this parish is our home?

Written against the backdrop of increasingly divisive national debates, and informed both by history and Church teaching, Is There Room for Me? can help parishes frame, discuss, and answer these questions for themselves. Sensitive both to newcomers and to groups who are already well established in the parish, Is There Room for Me? is perfect for group discussion or personal reflection, as together we strive to answer Jesus’ prayer that we may all be one.

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Length: 32 pages
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Written by Daniel Connors


Daniel Connors was the editor of Today's Parish magazine for 18 years and then served as editor-in-chief of Catholic Digest. He is currently the editorial director of Twenty-Third Publications.