In the Image of Christ Essays on Being Catholic and Female

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Essays on Being Catholic and Female
In the Image of Christ

Here is the book that tells what it is like to be female and Catholic in the twenty-first century. In this collection of twenty-three short essays, Phyllis Zagano, a well-respected author and speaker on women in society and in the Church, gives a no-holds-barred description of the experience of Catholic women that will be both illuminating and challenging to women, men, and the hierarchy alike. In the process she tells stories that are poignant, humorous, infuriating, and sometimes sad.

Phyllis Zagano has been named to a new papal commission to review the possibility of ordaining women deacons in the Catholic Church. She is a world leader in the movement to ordain women deacons in the Catholic Church.  She is the author of many books and articles and has received awards from the Religion Newswriters ASsociation, the Catholic Press Association, the Paulist Center in Boston, and Voice of the Faithful. She is a senior research associate-in-residence and adjunct prodfessor of religion at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, and writes a regular column that appears in the National Catholic Reporter.


  1. In the Image of Christ / In the Image of Christ / And Then the Angel Left Her / What Would Mary Magdalene Do?
  2. Women Deacons / It’s Time for Women Deacons, Your Holiness / The Case for Women Deacons / Visit Your Bishop
  3. Women Religious / Surrounding Clericalism with an Octagon of Statements / A Letter to a Woman Religious / A New Spin?
  4. The Abuse of Women / Death Over a Cup of Water? / Another Day, Another Rape / Does Anybody Care about Human Trafficking?
  5. Men and Women / Humanity for All: A Pastoral Letter on Men (first draft) / What Catholic Women Do / Political Platforms
  6. The Hierarchy / Planet Vatican / The Twilight Zone / The Red and the Black / Getting the Message?
  7. Pope Francis / Block That Metaphor / What the Pope Faces / The Wrong Kind of Papal “Ribbing” / What the Holy Father Said

To read more about the papal commission to study female deacons, check out these articles:

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Written by Phyllis Zagano, Ph.D.