Henri Nouwen Illuminated - SOLD OUT

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Henri Nouwen Illuminated - SOLD OUT

Written by Len Sroka

Hardcover book -- 160 pages -- ACTA Publications -- September 2005

In this unique and beautiful book, some of the most significant and poignant words from spiritual guru Henri Nouwen are brought alive in a new way: through the magic of graphic design. Len Sroka has manipulated photos and created background images that highlight the emotions and meanings behind Nouwen's words. In the ancient tradition of "illuminated manuscripts," the power of Nouwen's words are augmented by the power of the images. This book considers Nouwen's spiritual direction from the perspective of three fundamental invitations:

  • Develop a Spiritual Perspective — increase the awareness of the spiritual dimenion of our lives
  • Nurture Our Spiritual Nature — encourage the growth of the contemplative dimension of our lives
  • Share our Spiritual Life — share the fruits of our awareness with our sisters and brothers


Len Sroka has spent the last ten years merging photographic images on his computer with the words of spiritual visionaries like Henri Nouwen.


Format: Hardcover book
Product code: AP267
Dimensions: 6.16" x 6.38"
Length: 160 pages
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 978-0-87946-288-8
Written by Len Sroka