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Have Faith - A Candidate and Sponsor Resource Sustaining the Spirit for Confirmation & Beyond

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Have Faith - A Candidate and Sponsor Resource
Sustaining the Spirit for Confirmation & Beyond
$7.46 - $8.75

Revised and Updated. DREs and coordinators will love this unique approach to confirmation preparation. It offers teenagers the opportunity of individualized study and invites them to keep in touch with their sponsor for conversation and faith sharing. It also includes one gathering with parish leaders before the actual sacrament is celebrated in the parish.

Have Faith is a unique approach to helping confirmation candidates prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation. It invites them to examine their spiritual callings, commitments, the challenges of discipleship, and to develop--for themselves--a well-thought-out Spiritual Growth Plan for "life after Confirmation."

Sponsors will also get a copy of Have Faith and will be working on the same things as the candidates. But because there are no formal sponsor meetings, they can choose an adult sponsor from anywhere in the country, someone they feel comfortable with. Three times during this preparation process, the two of them will share notes--over the phone, via e-mail, Facebook, or face to face. Whatever works best for them.

Have Faith is something candidates do on their own--but not alone. It treats them like adults, placing the opportunity of spiritual growth and final preparation in their hands--which is probably the way they prefer it to be.

For owners of older editions of this book, note that pages 25-26 have been updated to reflect changes in the 3rd Edition of the Roman Missal. You must print and add the updated pages to the book. Please click here to open the update for this book.

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Format: Paperback book
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Length: 72 pages
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Written by Mike Carotta