Growing Up Catholic Whole Family Catechetical Planner (eResource): 2018-2019 Edition - FREE!

2018-2019 Edition - FREE!
Growing Up Catholic Whole Family Catechetical Planner (eResource): 2018-2019 Edition - FREE!

This free guide is a helpful tool for planning for the 2018-2019 catechetical year, especially for whole family catechesis.  It indexes the creative learning activities and tools found in the resources we sell by topic, liturgical calendar, and type of resource, making it easy for you to plan catechetical events.

It includes:

  • A concise introduction to a whole family catechesis approach
  • Sample schedules with options for whole family sessions and parent sessions.
  • Index of resources by dozens of specific topics, covering liturgy, prayer, sacraments, scripture, and other doctrinal topics.
  • Day-by-day liturgical calendar covering Sundays, saint days, and more. Sunday listings include the lectionary reading references, questions of the week (for adults and children), interactive activities, take-home resources, and external links.
  • Family resource lists with catechetical tools for parishes and schools.

This planner will help you easily group activities from various publishers into family events, drawing from:

  • Growing Up Catholic family of resources
  • Enriching Faith series
  • Learning Centers series
  • Interactive Bible stories and skits
  • and more!

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The Pastoral Center
Written by Paul Canavese


Paul Canavese has his MTS from the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley.  He has served in a wide range of parish ministries, most recently as a pastoral consultant at Corpus Christi Parish in Piedmont, CA.  He is a frequent conference speaker and directs (focused on "intentional daily life Catholicism") and (focused on coaching parents). Paul also has 20 years of software development experience with technology startups.

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