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Full of Grace A New Year of Life for Your Baby

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Full of Grace
A New Year of Life for Your Baby
$10.36 - $11.66

Here is the perfect book for gathering a new moms group — or for pastoral leaders to gain insights on how to better serve new parents!

Developmental milestones. Mothers watch them throughout that first year of their babies’ lives; waiting, observing, fretting, sometimes comparing, and always wondering. This marvelous book focuses on these critical markers, and offers reflections, suggestions for spiritual practices, and encouragement for all new moms, whether they are brand new to motherhood or seasoned veterans. Speaking mom-to-mom, Claire Noonan’s engaging reflections offer motherly insight, hope, and trust in the God who brings all of us new and eternal life.

Claire Noonan is a mother, a wife, and a practical theologian currently serving as Vice President of Mission and Ministry at Dominican University.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: TT850780
Dimensions: 5" x 7½"
Length: 128 pages
Twenty-Third Publications
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Written by Claire Noonan