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From Violence to Blessing How an Understanding of Deep-Rooted Conflict Can Open Paths to Reconciliation

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How an Understanding of Deep-Rooted Conflict Can Open Paths to Reconciliation
From Violence to Blessing

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Oka, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Belfast, Afghanistan. The list keeps growing...

In this important and timely book, Vern Neufeld Redekop shares his extensive experience as one of Canada's foremost consultants in conflict resolution. He shows the challenges of how a disposition towards violence can subvert the need for peace and re-conciliation, Redekop takes his readers on a guided tour of violence in the world. He also presents, in a clear and accessible fashion, the implications of the work of Renי Girard on how as a culture, we tend to act out repeated patterns of violence. Most important, this is a book about getting beyond the imitative violence that Renי Girard writes about and working with the fragments of experience that can slowly be reformed as peace and reconciliation.

In this powerful book, Redekop lets the voices of people caught on the wrong side of sectarian violence speak for themselves.

Product code: TT073090
Length: 408 pages
Twenty-Third Publications
Written by Vern Neufeld Redekop


VERN NEUFELD REDEKOP, the former director of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, directs the development of the Conflict Studies programs at Saint Paul University, Ottawa.