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Essential Catechist's Bookshelf series Forming Families in Faith Cultivating Catechesis in the Home

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Cultivating Catechesis in the Home
Essential Catechist's Bookshelf series
Forming Families in Faith
$7.96 - $8.96

Each time parents share a story or create a family tradition, they cultivate the fertile soil of faith formation. And each time a catechist, DRE, teacher, or parish minister reads this practical and enlightening book, they'll find wonderful ways to affirm what families already do to build up the faith and what we can do to help them fill in the gaps.

Through insights gained from her own family stories, Kathy Hendricks guides us through each of the six tasks of family catechesis and what they mean for us and for the families themselves. Readers will also find practical tips and ideas for strengthening family prayer, welcoming blended families and those for whom sports is a priority, and creating opportunities for outreach.

This is a must-have resource that can help us discover how God dwells among us, “embedded within every family experience and relationship.”

Popular speaker, catechetical leader, and consultant, Kathy Hendricks is the author of numerous books, including Pocket Prayers for Parents and Prayers and Rituals for the Home, both from Twenty-Third Publications.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: TT850957
Dimensions: 5½" x 8½"
Length: 80 pages
Twenty-Third Publications
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Written by Kathy Hendricks