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Forgiveness One Step at a Time

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One Step at a Time
$9.06 - $12.85

As Christians— if we take Jesus seriously—we are challenged to embrace forgiveness, one of the most difficult Christian virtues. After twenty-five years of priestly ministry, and after counseling hundreds of people, Father Joe Sica, has concluded that over ninety percent of troubled relationships result from the unwillingness or inability to forgive.

Here he offers ten invaluable steps to help you take forgiveness seriously: handling injury; getting stuck in the past; wanting payback; telling everybody about it; waking up; loving confrontation; setting boundaries; patching up; reaping benefits; and moving on. He calls these “dance steps” and has choreographed them beautifully to connect with Jesus’ teaching about forgiveness. Each step includes something to learn (path), something to consider (ponder), something to do (practice), and something to say (prayer).

Father Joe’s stories and anecdotes give life to his message and illustrate the inner peace and freedom that true forgiveness brings.

Format: Paperback book
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Length: 152 pages
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Written by Fr. Joe Sica


Next to the problem of suffering, the problem of forgiveness challenges the human spirit the most. Father Joe Sica’s well-choreographed “dance of forgiveness” fulfills our need to embrace forgiveness with pertinent examples, practical wisdom, powerful metaphors, and keen insights. A must read.
Bishop Robert Morneau, author, poet, spiritual guide
In this gentle gem, Father Joe admirably blends real-life stories, down-to-earth wisdom, and sparkling wit to make forgiveness as important and as necessary as breathing. This is, by far, the book to read for those who are struggling to move beyond their feelings of anger and revenge to forgiveness. It will change lives.
Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking