For Earth's Sake: Toward a Compassionate Ecology

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Toward a Compassionate Ecology
For Earth's Sake: Toward a Compassionate Ecology

Well-known Catholic environmentalist Stephen Scharper challenges us to rethink and repair our relationship with the earth.

We are bombarded by stories about environmental devastation and climate change. While scientists present their findings and governments wrestle with how to address the problems, we can feel helpless, angry, confused or sad. This book can help. 

In reflecting upon the faith and fate of the Earth, Stephen Scharper reminds us that humans are part of the environment and encourages us to change our relationship to the planet. By engaging our minds, bodies and hearts, we can explore our faith from the point of view of the oppressed, alienating and suffering of our world in a self-critical way that is open to other ways of knowing the world.

Stephen Bede Scharper is Associate Professor of Environment, Religion, and Anthropology at the University of Toronto, a Senior Fellow of Massey College, and columnist for the Toronto Star. He is co-editor of The Natural City (2012).

Simon Appolloni, M.Div, a former director of Development and Peace (a Canadian agency), has written on environmental ethics for The Catholic Register. He is a doctoral candidate studying religion and environment at the University of Toronto.

Format: Paperback book
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Length: 224 pages
ISBN: 978-2-89646-521-7
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Written by Stephen Bede Scharper and Simon Appolloni