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Fierce Goodbye Living in the Shadow of Suicide

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Living in the Shadow of Suicide
Fierce Goodbye

What does the Bible say on the topic of suicide? What does it not say? G. Lloyd Carr, now professor emeritus of biblical and theological studies at Gordon College, Mass., began to ask these questions after a precious daughter-in-law died by suicide. He embarked on a thorough canvassing of the scriptures and church history on this topic, which helped him on his grief journey. His poet wife, Gwendolyn C. Carr, found solace in writing out her responses and thoughts in moving, sensitive poetry. Their combined efforts in this distinctive book meld the pain and poignancy of the devastating experience of a family member's suicide with expertise from their respective professions.

Fierce Goodbye is first and foremost a penetrating account of a family dealing with suicide, and offers solid guidance for those who worry about the eternal fate of a loved one. It provides a reliable and readable summary of Christian thinking about suicide, useful for pastors, counselors, students, and teachers.

  • Foreword ... 11
  • Poem: Hanging On ... 13
  • Prologue ... 15
  1. A Suicide Reasons / The End ... 19
  2. Lovers / Friday ... 23
  3. Why? / Saturday ... 27
  4. A Young Suicide / Sunday ... 24
  5. Unpossessed / Picking Up the Pieces ... 38
  6. The Way It Is / A Look at Some Bible Stories ... 44
  7. Cremated / Some Observations ... 57
  8. Interment / What the Church Has Said ... 65
  9. Her Time / About the Martyrs ... 73
  10. My Time / What the Theologians Say ... 79
  11. A Time to Cry / Life and Death ... 93
  12. When Roses Waited / A Summary ... 101
  13. Not Lost / "We've Been There, Too" ... 106
  14. A Long Grief / Keeping On ... 112


Format: Paperback book
Product code: MM9267
Dimensions: 5.51" x 8½"
Length: 168 pages
MennoMedia / Herald Press
ISBN: 9780836192674
Written by G Lloyd Carr and Gwendolyn Carr