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Catholic Kids' Library We Are Catholic

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Catholic Kids' Library
We Are Catholic

4 color booklet – 32 pages – ages 3-5 -- Please note that this item can be sold only within the United States -- all others please purchase locally.

An excellent book to teach younger children the values and traditions of the Catholic Church through simple words and illustrations.

Vibrant and colorful, We are Catholic introduces children ages 3-5 to the Catholic faith and its traditions. Simple words and original illustrations introduce Sacraments, the Mass, and other beloved rites, prayers, traditions and symbols to very young Catholics. We are Catholic reinforces the joy of belonging to the wider Catholic Church community in an easy-to-use format and can be enjoyed over and over again by children and adults too!

Product Preview

Format: Paperback book
Product code: TT850964
Dimensions: 9" x 8"
Length: 32 pages
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