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Catholic Education in the Light of Vatican II and Laudato Si'

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Catholic Education in the Light of Vatican II and Laudato Si'
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In this timely and considered paper, the author examines the subject of contemporary Catholic education in the light of two important theological publications: The Decree on Christian Education (1965), issued during Vatican II, and Laudato Si': On Care For Our Common Home, Pope Francis' recent encyclical lamenting the impact of unchecked capitalism on our earthly home. Divided into four parts, this paper outlines some of the major theological shifts that have taken place in the last fifty years, and examines the implications of those changes to our understanding of education today. The book begins by considering the most salient features of Vatican II in terms of Catholic eduction, before exploring the work of philosopher Charles Taylor and the educational ramifications of Laudato Si'. In the concluding section the author examines how, when viewed through the prism a "anthropologylogy," our understanding of Catholic education is both refreshed and illuminated.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC306623
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Length: 92 pages
ISBN: 9781847306623
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Written by Dermot A Lane


Dermot A. Lane is Parish Priest of Balally in Dublin 16. He is retired President of Mater Dei Institute of Education, DCU. He is author of Stepping Stones to Other Religions: A Christian Theology of Inter-Religious Dialogue(2011) and Religion and Education: Reimagining the Relationship (2013) and editor of Vatican II in Ireland, Fifty Years on (2015).