The Catechist’s Formation Workbook: 10 Sessions on Developing and Thriving as a Catechist

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10 Sessions on Developing and Thriving as a Catechist
The Catechist’s Formation Workbook: 10 Sessions on Developing and Thriving as a Catechist

General Editor: Leisa Anslinger / Spiritual Exercises: Dan Schutte

You’ve volunteered to be a catechist! If you’re wondering what to do next, this workbook is the perfect guide. Here you’ll find teaching and organization methods for any class setting or grade level. You’ll get an understanding of how faith can develop among your learners, and how you can best share your faith using the skills, knowledge, and experience you already have.

The Catechist’s Formation Workbook is a compact, easy-to-use resource that provides catechists with the essential knowledge and skills they need to effectively share the message of the Catholic faith. Based on the acclaimed Into the Fields program, this multi-tasking guidebook offers both spiritual and practical guidance, and covers topics found in many certification programs, such as theories and principles of faith development, and methods of evangelization.
Each of the ten, engaging sessions begins with a guided prayer and reflection, to facilitate a deeper understanding of the materials. Catechists can learn:

  • Strategies for planning and preparing sessions that can be used at any level from primary grades through adult faith formation
  • How to use Scripture and the Liturgy as teaching tools
  • How to build a community of love by nurturing classroom respect, order, and affirmation
  • How to ask the right questions to get students talking
  • The role of technology and how to can make sessions visually active, dynamic and creative
  • And much more 

Written and developed by leading experts with many years of catechetical and pastoral experience, The Catechist’s Formation Workbook is rooted in Scripture, liturgy and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Plus it’s based on The General Directory for Catechesis and The National Directory for Catechesis so you can be confident that it’s comprehensive and complete.
Best of all, The Catechist’s Formation Workbook can be facilitated in any timeframe and setting, with opportunities for private journaling, group sharing, and practical applications. Created to give catechists of all backgrounds and experience levels skills, understanding, and encouragement to deeper study, The Catechist’s Workbook can help anyone involved in religious education discover new ways to share their faith and experience God’s love.

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Format: Paperback book
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Edited by Leisa Anslinger
Written by Dan Schutte