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Beatitudes for the Workplace

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Beatitudes for the Workplace
$16.46 - $19.31

Author: Father Max Oliva SJ

6 X 9" -- 200 pages -- Paperback -- Note that this book can only be sold within the United States. All others, please order locally.

People in the workplace are asking some difficult questions about how to find meaning in their work, how to find God in daily life, and how to bring the light of faith to ethical issues.

Using the Beatitudes of Jesus as a framework, Oliva explores eight virtues: wisdom, integrity, honesty, compassion, justice for the earth, forgiveness, generosity, and courage.

Readers will find in these pages help from the experience of others, hope for their work-faith journey, and encouragement to live a blessed life.

Max Oliva, SJ has a degree in Marketing and an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations. Now based in California , he offers retreats and workshops throughout North America.

Format: Paperback book
Product code: TT461257
Length: 200 pages
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Written by Fr. Max Oliva, SJ