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Advent Treasure Hunt Pop-Up Window Calendar

$1.39 - $1.89
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Advent Treasure Hunt
Pop-Up Window Calendar
$1.39 - $1.89

Open a different “window” each day of December to reveal a Christian image. No Santa Claus, elf or snowmen to be found here. These calendars have a picture and a Bible passage behind each window. The back leads young people on an “Advent Treasure Hunt” each day with a question, a riddle or a fill-in-the-blank...answered or filled in when you open the window on the other side. Great gift ideas for the church or Sunday school teachers to kick-off the Advent season or for class parties. Envelopes sold separately.

Follows the Christmas narrative from Luke and Matthew.

Product code: CC_ACAF
Dimensions: 9½" x 12½"
Creative Communications for the Parish
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