[Pilgrim's Guide Series] A Pilgrim's Guide to Oberammergau: And Its Passion Play

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And Its Passion Play
[Pilgrim's Guide Series] A Pilgrim's Guide to Oberammergau: And Its Passion Play


These are the hallmarks of the Pilgrim's Guide Series, which include top-notch guidance, as well as pictures, illustrations, maps, and plans, all beautiful, full-color books.  Let the experienced Pilgrim's Guide team guide you on your next faith-filled journey.


Since it was first performed in 1634, the passion play at Oberammergau has been an unforgettable experience for many millions of people. Concise, compact, colorful, and informative, this latest in the Pilgrim’s Guide series will enable the visitor to make the most of their stay and evoke many lasting memories. Illustrated in full color, there is insight into the traditions and staging of the play and a brief synopsis as it unfolds on stage. Practical details include how to see the play, a plan of the village, and a guide to the surrounding area. This is the fifth edition with enlarged content. Ray Goodburn has organized and led groups there on numerous occasions and is doing so again in 2010.

Format: Paperback book
Product code: AP7214
Dimensions: 6" x 8½"
Length: 96 pages
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