[Pilgrim's Guide Series] A Pilgrim's Guide to Fatima and the Surrounding Area

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[Pilgrim's Guide Series] A Pilgrim's Guide to Fatima and the Surrounding Area


These are the hallmarks of the Pilgrim's Guide Series, which include top-notch guidance, as well as pictures, illustrations, maps, and plans, all beautiful, full-color books.  Let the experienced Pilgrim's Guide team guide you on your next faith-filled journey.


Since 1917, when three Portuguese shepherd children received apparitions of the Virgin Mary, the Child Jesus, and Saint Joseph, Fátima has been the destination of many millions of pilgrim visitors. The apparitions occurred at a time of great turmoil in the history of mankind: The Great War was in its third year, and Russia was in the throes of revolution that would lead to Communism taking hold. The so-called  ‘’Third Secret’’ of Fátima foretold the assassination attempt on the Pope, Saint John Paul II in 1981.

These events may have passed, but the message of Fátima is eternal: prayer and penance form the path to salvation. This book tells the Fátima story and provides insights into the lives of the seers. It gives the locations of the places of worship and interest in the Sanctuary and nearby villages, and provides information on the Programmes, Mass times, and practical essentials when visiting Portugal. There is a small book of Devotions featuring the Rosary, the Mass, and prayers and songs associated with Fátima. Several trips to the surrounding area include abbeys, castles, The Eucharistc Miracle at Santarém, and the shrine in the fishing town of Nazaré. The Convent of Carmel in the historic city of Coimbra, home to Sister Lucia for many years, is visited. Lisbon, the Estoril coast and the palaces of Sintra and Mafra are also included. The book is illustrated in full colour with maps and plans. This is an essential tool to enable you to make the most of what will be a deeply spiritual, personal experience.

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