A Handbook for Children's Liturgy

A Handbook for Children's Liturgy

This book offers a complete guide on how to make the ministry of the Word meaningful, memorable and enjoyable for children of all ages. Whether there are a large number of children in your parish or only a very few, its down-to-earth advice and ready-to-go ideas are applicable whatever the local circumstances. Help Is given on all practical aspects of this vital ministry: what kind of person makes a good minister of the Word, how to build a team to work with children, how to plan a children's liturgy, ideas for Masses where children remain present throughout. Sample liturgies complete with photocopiable artwork are also included. The nurture of children in the Christian faith is one of the greatest responsibilities and for all.

Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC115516
Dimensions: 8½" x 5½"
Length: 190 pages
Canterbury Press Norwich
ISBN: 978-1-85311-551-6
Written by Barbara Mary Hopper, Michael Walsh, and Kathleen Walsh


Practical advice is the keyword of this excellent book, taking you, as it does, through what Chidren's Liturgy is - an exploration of the Gospel at a child's level, and also what it is not - a crèche, or an RE lesson.
Elizabeth Milburn, Northern Cross
[T]his book is full of information and inspiration. When children are brought for baptism, the Christian communIty gathered for the sacrament promises to uphold those children in their new life in Christ. If we are faithful to that, we should receive this book with enthusiasm, and provide enough personnel, prayer and preparation to enable the children to participate actively in the liturgy of holy communion.
Dana Delap, Church Times