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A Call To Serve Pope Francis and the Catholic Future

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Pope Francis and the Catholic Future
A Call To Serve

The exclusive story on Pope Francis—a collaboration with the Vatican's own press!

This thoughtful, vivid introduction to Pope Francis’ life details the historic events surrounding Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, the subsequent election of Pope Francis, and the particulars of the new Pope’s spirituality and thought.

Celebrate Pope Francis and get to know the humble man of God "from the ends of the earth" in this groundbreaking photo journal from the Crossroad Publishing Company. Jorge Bergoglio, formerly archbishop of Argentina, loves the tango, was trained as a chemist, and had a girlfriend whom he planned to marry. His fascinating life story as well as the developments that led to his election come to life in this entertaining and informative account.


  • Full color photography on every page
  • Vivid storytelling and in-depth analysis from well-known Catholic journalists Stefan von Kempis of Vatican Radio and Philip F. Lawler, editor of Catholic World News
  • Insights from Pope Francis’s friends, family, and even his childhood sweetheart
  • Firsthand accounts of Vatican proceedings
  • Reflections by Pope Francis on the heart of our faith, and his relationship with Jesus
  • The daunting challenges that face the new Pope

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC550059
Dimensions: 7" x 10"
Length: 160 pages
ISBN: 9780824550059
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Written by Stefan von Kempis
Edited by Philip F. Lawler


This is a brief but informative biographical introduction to Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a vivid account of the events of his election and inauguration as Pope Francis, and a historical overview of the papacy in recent times. With many colored photographs the book captures the excitement and drama of the election of the pope as an event that touches the whole world—the worldwide religious community, the clergy and laity of the Catholic Church, the political realm, and the lives of ordinary people . .

In short, this book represents journalism at its best: factual, balanced, comprehensive, and succinct. It takes a close, detailed look at the background and life of the new pope, illuminates the excitement of a new chapter in the history of the Church, and reminds the whole world that the pope is Catholic—not liberal, conservative, centrist,  moderate, political, apolitical—but 'ever ancient, ever new' in St. Augustine’s words. As Pope Francis said in his opening days, the new century, like ancient times, would listen to Christian teaching because 'it responds to the deepest needs of human existence'—the same claim of the universal Church that has cared for the mind, body, and soul of all persons for the past two thousand years.

Mitchell Kalpakgian, The Wanderer

The collaborative work of Stefan von Kempis (Editor for Vatican Radio) and Philip F. Lawler (Editor for Catholic World News), “A Call to Serve: Pope Francis and the Catholic Future”  is a 160 page compendium providing interested readers with a profusely illustrated and personal story of Pope Francis – and in that telling reveals background details of his unprecedented papal election. Drawn from conversations, interviews, insider information, and Pope Francis’ own writings, “A Call to Serve: Pope Francis and the Catholic Future” is very highly recommended reading for Catholics and non-Catholics alike!

Midwest Book Review, Wisconsin Bookwatch

Want to know the inside story of the recent abdication by one Pope and the election of a startling new one—complete with colorful photos and analysis by the noted journalist Philip Lawler?  Well, here it is.

Fr. C. J. McCloskey, church historian and research fellow at the Faith and Reason Institute in Washington DC