[Threshold Bible Study series] 1 Corinthians: Proclaiming Christ Crucified

Proclaiming Christ Crucified
[Threshold Bible Study series] 1 Corinthians: Proclaiming Christ Crucified

Threshold Bible Study is a dynamic, informative, and inspiring way to enter into a deeper relationship with God through Scripture. Each of its thirty-lesson, theme-based books will help readers explore (through the lectio divina method of reading, study, reflection, and prayer) new dimensions of their faith. Great for personal reflection as well as group study.  

As the young church in Corinth discerns how to be disciples in their distinct context, Paul teaches how a living faith in Jesus Christ must be grounded in his saving cross. He addresses multiple issues concerning the church’s identity and conduct, offering inspired wisdom that lasts through the ages and guides local churches today. Discover how Paul transformed the imaginations of the Christians of Corinth so that they could live their lives in radically new ways.

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Length: 130 pages
Twenty-Third Publications
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Threshold Bible Study is by far the best series of short Bible-study books available today. I recommend them to all the leaders I help train in the Catholic Bible Institutes of several dioceses. Kudos to Stephen Binz for writing books that are ideal for small-group or individual use.